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Talent Strategy
The company sticks to the idea of 'People Oriented'. It provides a trusting and respecting cultural atmosphere and more chance and space for employee's career. Necessary conditions are guarantee for technical and administrative innovation. It will approve and reward employee who has made great progress and contribution. What we devoted to is the realization of value of employee and company at the same time, and the growth.
The company respect and protect staff's rights. In accordance with the requirement of national social security system, we improve our insurance rules to help preserve employee's basic benefits. Gradually and positively improving the system of salary, welfare and insurance, the company are paying great attention to job value and performance and encouraging talents of management and technology.
Personnel training is the motive force of promoting innovation, technical progress and core competitiveness of company. The company is trying to build a team of talent, which features high-quality, reasonable structure and sufficient technical and innovative teammates.

Career development space for employee
1. Employee has two major patterns of career development:
A. Management: new staff—junior supervisor----senior supervisor----head of department----general supervisor----president assistant.
B. Technician: new staff----junior technician----senior technician----top technician----expert-----experienced expert
2. Numerous opportunities for employee's career development
A. Work shift: work shift gives employee a chance to learn from all jobs.
B. Job transfer: one can apply for job transfer when he can do current job well and is willing to take a new job.
C. Competing for an opening: when there is an opening, all employee can apply for this position if there is no proper substitution.
D. Internal job qualification evaluation: there will be a job qualification evaluation every year for every job in our company.
E. Paid further education: we will send our top employee to have further education and they will be paid the same salary while in education.
F. Job rotation: there will be chances for outstanding management authorities to take job rotation, in order to help them have a broader view of company strategy.

Personnel Training System
1. The company spends more RMB 10 million per year for personnel training. And we have a beautiful, modernized training centre with sufficient facilities.
2. The training we have has many patterns: all kinds and levels of training, qualification certificate training, all business technique training and so on.
3. Cooperate with famous universities to help employee get higher education background. We have cooperated with Tsinghua University and Changjiang Business School and etc, to culture MBA for company use.
4. The company has developed effective employee training system. There are hundreds of employee sent to university or abroad for further education.
5. We provide a good platform for management talents' growing up.

The more contribution, the more you get paid. Brilliant senior employee will be encouraged with company's stock share. Our salary system is advanced in our industry. The R&D employee will be generously prized if new shmg_cp can be developed in time.

Welfare System
Supplying superbly appointed accommodation for employee: master can apply for single room, bachelor can apply for double room, senior employee can apply for apartment.
Employee who is in position above or of general supervisor assistant can enjoy traffic allowance. There are company buses to ease the traffic for normal workers.
The company will handle endowment insurance, insurance against suspension of work, medical insurance, maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance and public accumulation fund for housing construction for all employee. And we will secure employee against accidents.
Provide a set of uniform and two shirts for clerks and security devices for workers.
he company will provide food allowance for all employee. And we have a cheap canteen with great quality, where senior employee can diet for free.

Promoting harmony and scientific development
All employee of our company are treated in the same way and with respect.
We believe that the harmonious relationship between employer and employee is the key point of our company's development. We take stable team of talents as a necessary condition for our continuous development. After the publishing of Labor Contract Law, we have organized a class which all employee learn the law. All departments help to publicize and popularize the law in our company. We use all method possible to help all employee learn, understand and obey the law. It is good for both employee and company to protect their legal rights.
Carry out reformation carefully and positively. Stretch to make a harmonious and stable atmosphere within the company.
We follow the strategy of 'share achievement, contribute to harmony, ensure stability, boost development'. We handle the benefit of all sides in a wise way to ensure the stability and harmony of both company and society.
Try our best to cultivate harmonious enterprise culture to reinforce the uniting and stability.
We stick to the goal of building harmonious enterprise culture. By fashioning the public sense of worth and publicizing obeying professional ethics, we can strengthen making employee feel like owner of the company, reinforce the uniting and stability and upgrade the core competitiveness of the company.
While carrying out the Rules for Employee, we actively recommend environment protection, health protection, strict management and loving employee. In this way every employee can discipline himself and form a uniting, powerful and ambitious team.
Use labor by law and develop harmonious labor relationship.
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