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Lime Kiln
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Rotary Kiln Introduction:
Our company has manufactured a new active lime rotary kiln production line with low pressure and energy consumption, which adopts advanced technology. And the active lime rotary kiln also has features of environmental protection and energy conservation. Besides, it has advantages of higher mechanization and automation (PLC bus -mastering). As it adopts new modern technology of burner, it can make full use of cheap energy; especially utilize the most draining inflammable gas as treasure of part energy, which is harmful to the environment. Thus, it not only protects environment, but also is in line with the public policy documents on conservation, emission reduction and low carbon. This machine can produce lime with advantages of strong ability to react chemically, low volume density and large specific surface area. At present, it has been one of the most preferred auxiliary materials for steel-making, coking and calcium carbide industries. Moreover, it is also the best kiln type in limestone industries for its strong adaptability to raw materials and fuel, convenient maintenance, low consumption and other benefits.

Main Technical Parameters:
Designed capacity (t/d) 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Product active lime
Caustic calcined dolomite
active lime
caustic calcined dolomite
active lime
Caustic calcined dolomite
active lime
Caustic calcined dolomite
active lime active lime active lime active lime active lime
Rotary kiln Spec.(m) Φ2.5×40 Φ2.8×42 Φ3×46 Φ3.2×50 Φ3.5×56 Φ3.8×58 Φ4×60 Φ4.3×64 Φ4.8×68
Effective volume (m³) 142 190 235 292 430 505 575 738 1005
Burning temperature (℃) 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350
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